DISID participates in the Spring I/O 2016 event

Spring Roo 2.0 Preview presented by the project lead company

We’re proud to have participated as sponsor and speaker at Spring I/O 2016 Conference in Barcelona where we talked about what’s new in SpringRoo 2.0.0 M2.

In this talk we are going to present a preview of Spring Roo 2.0, a rewrite of the code generating tool for the development of Java web applications based on current Spring technologies like Spring Boot, Spring Data, etc. A release with lots of cool looking features supporting Spring Boot and removing the older ActiveRecord-style support in favor of proper Spring Data repositories.

Enrique Ruiz, CINO at DISID and Spring Roo project lead and César Ordiñana, CTO at DISID presented the latest features of Spring Roo.

The slides of our "SpringRoo 2.0 Preview" talk at Spring I/O 2016 are available at SlideShare.

Proud to be part of Spring I/O 2016 Conference!